Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 23, 2013

The Final THQ Auction Is Now Complete

When THQ went belly up earlier this year most of its more popular properties were snatched up by various other companies. However, like most auctions there were a few things that didn’t find a home, including Darksiders and Homeworld. Well, the final auction has been complete, and the last remnants of THQ have been scattered to the four winds of the earth.

There were 6 different lots to bid on, with lots 1-4 being individual games and franchises, while lots 5 and 6 were more general lots encompassing both original IPs (lot 5) and licensed games (lot 6). Nordic Games came out the big winner, as they purchased lots 1, 3, 4, and 6, as well as all but two games of lot 5 for a cool $4.9 million. Besides all the games that lots 5 and 6 has, that means Nordic now owns Darksiders, Red Faction, and MX vs ATV.

Gearbox Software didn’t go home empty handed, as they picked up Homeworld in the auction. They got the game for $1.35 million. And those 2 games from lot 5 that Nordic didn’t get? Those 2 games, Drawn to Life and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, went to 505 Games for $300,000.


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