Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on May 9, 2013

Code Monkey Save World Is A Graphic Novel Based On Jonathan Coulton Songs

Well, you read the title, so you basically know the whole jist. If you live on the Interwebs like most of us nowadays, you’ve likely come across the music of Jonathan Coulton. Whether it was from his album or Portal, he is both mellow and hilariously ingenious.

One Mr. Greg Pak thought that the music Coulton had put out thus far could make for a pretty awesome supervillain team with other characters, and told him so on twitter. I suppose it should come as no surprise that shortly after that was sent this past November, they’ve already come up with an entire project (and more), and already have a over-fully-funded Kickstarter. The goal was only for a mere $39,000, but at the moment of writing this very sentence, it is currently at $262,735 with 5 days to go.

Obviously they’ve reached almost all of their stretch goals, which includes JoCo making another album, and an additional children’s book from Mr. Pak called, “The Princess Who Saved Herself”. The minimum to get the album that inspired this graphic novel, the new album, and a hard copy of Code Monkey Save World will cost you $25. Of course, there are more awesome things to get in higher price brackets, but this is pretty sweet either way.

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