Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 1, 2013

Sega And Gearbox Are Target For Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit

Well, this isn’t exactly a shocker. Sega and Gearbox were slapped with a lawsuit yesterday claiming that the companies had mislead consumers by showing off demos and passing them off as being part of “actual gameplay”. The actual gameplay, however, looked and played like nothing in the demos, and this raised the ire of many a gamer who boughtAliens: Colonial Marines.

The lawsuit makes the claim that Sega and Gearbox purposefully placed an embargo to the press that was not lifted until the day of the game’s launch, February 12th. By not allowing any sort of early reviews out to the public, the companies were able to hide any discrepancies between the demo and final release. The lawsuit seeks damages for people who bought the game on or before its release date because of the press embargo.

The company did make a half-hearted apology last month, saying that they would be adding a disclaimer to their videos that the trailers represent demo footage of the game. Of course, that’s not going to make up for the gamers who felt betrayed at the apparent con-job. Here’s hoping that the plaintiffs win, for all gamers sake.


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