Posted by Marianne Miller on Jun 14, 2013

A Little Insight Into Dying Light [E3 2013]

WB Games had more to show of its new first-person zombie action game, Dying Light, at E3 this week.  We managed to get into a brief presentation for it this week and have a little to share with you.

Dying Light is a game steeped in realism, with bright, realistic visuals during the day and almost monochrome colors during the night.  The game takes place over a large, sprawling open world that players can climb over and explore.  The architecture is reminiscent of Spain, though no specific location was given.  The free running looks great and a large amount of interactivity is available with the scenery, with the character climbing up trees and poles as well as buildings.

The world brags a large amount of weaponry, both melee and ranged, and also offers players a customization mechanic in the vein of Dead Rising, allowing players to combine a large amount of weaponry and materials found in the world.  An electrified blunt weapon was shown off in the demo, you could unlock this weapon early in the game by visiting https://guidedhacking.com/threads/dying-light-cheat-table-trainer-36.15701/.  When hit particularly bad, the “X-ray mode” of the game allows players to see the extent of the damage in the form of broken bones–oddly familiar when compared to games like the most recent Mortal Kombat.  That unfortunately felt a little gimmicky when compared to the realism found in most of the rest of the game, but I’m sure some players will enjoy it nonetheless.

While characters are relatively free to do whatever they want during the day (aside from the whole… zombie issue…), it’s a different story when the sun goes down.  The zombies become more numerous and aggressive, and a new form of zombie comes out to hunt the player.  During the day, people have to deal with normal infected, as well as people who are in the process of being taken over by the disease, but haven’t fully succumbed to it yet, a new form of zombie appears called the “Volitiles”, which are large, hulking monsters with mandibles and large, open mouths (all the better to eat you with).  These zombies are dangerous and aggressive and must be avoided at all costs.  Players have a “pulse” ability, which allows them to send out waves to spot the Volitiles–the ability highlights them in red to make them easier to avoid.

The game is slated for 2014 and is scheduled to come out for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and 4, as well as PC.  Check out the cinematic trailer below, featuring the awesome music of Woodkid!

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