Posted by Marianne Miller on Jun 14, 2013

A Quick Peek At Tearaway [E3 2013]

I’ve been completely hyped for Tearaway since the moment I saw the first trailer last year, so imagine my delight when I saw the logo floating playfully over a cluster of PS Vitas at the Sony booth.  Immediately, I darted over to them to get my hands on the game I’d been so eager to play.

To say the game is charming wouldn’t give it enough credit.  For those unaware, the entire world is made of construction paper, and the player’s character is a little envelope-faced friend IOTA (for boys) or ATOI (for girls), which players can customize to their liking after a short series of questions in the beginning of the game.  The first question was “Are you a big person or a little person?”  If you clicked “little person”, the demo would chide you and say “You’re too small for E3!”  Referring to, of course, the show’s minimum age of 18.

After the questions, the game throws you into its whimsical world, with the player’s face peeking out through the sun via the front camera of the PS Vita.  The characters introduce you to your friend, the Messenger, and within the Messenger’s face is a special message that can only be unlocked by exploring the world and completing your rites of passage together.

Tearaway features a bouncy but gentle folk-ish soundtrack, which immediately endeared me to it–acoustic guitars are a weakness.  The Messenger can only move and jump–there are no attack buttons in Tearaway.  However, the Messenger’s friend from above (that’s you!) carries the brunt of the burden when helping the avatar navigate the world, whether its tapping the touch pad on the back of the vita to make the messenger bounce on drum pads, or by using your fingers to “break through” the construction paper of the world and defeat enemies.

Media Molecule definitely has a winner on their hands with Tearaway, and it’ll be released this year on October 22nd for PS Vita.  I, personally, cannot wait.  Check out the announcement trailer from last year below!

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