Posted by Zac MacDonald on Jun 11, 2013

Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Officially Going To Be A Thing [E3 2013]

You read that right. Be still, my beating heart. After 7 years of prequels, de-quels, re-quels, and handheld-stupidness-quels, Kingdom Hearts is FINALLY getting its long awaited Sequel. During Sony’s E3 press conference last night, Square Enix showed up on screen just long enough to tell us that they weren’t going to talk about Versus 13. After an announcement trailer that explained how Final Fantasy Versus 13 has been in development for so long that they’ve decided just to make it its own damn mothership title, they played a teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. Minds were blown all throughout the audience, as was mine.

Little is known about this title, other than the fact that it is currently in development and has Sora looking rather confusedly at a keyblade that’s not his. With the strange outfit decision in Dream Drop Distance, let’s hope they don’t try to mix anything up just for the sake of it being a change of pace. That being said, I would like to see Sora get a bit of an outfit change. Ever since Final Fantasy 13-2 I can’t abide by those pants, as they simply bring back some bad memories. The graphics look amazing, so far, but it’s hard to tell at this point if that’s what things will end up looking. Especially since this was obviously a pre-rendered cut-scene, and Square Enix has gotten scrutiny in the past from the supposed practice of overlaying HUD elements on cut-scenes, like in the early Final Fantasy 13 Teaser.

All that being said. I’m very hopeful for Kingdom Hearts 3, as it gives Square the chance to get back to the basics with Kingdom Hearts and toss aside all of the unnecessarily overly-expositional backstory, which serves to only drudge up more questions than those it answers. But hey, maybe that’s just good writing…

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