Posted by Kevin Stubbeman on Jun 10, 2013

Mirror’s Edge 2 Revealed By EA [E3 2013]

Mirror's Edge 2

As I sit at work, chained to a desk, and only able to keep up with E3 through Ars’ live blog, there were only a few things I felt realistically optimistic about.  Thankfully, one of those came true, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Mirror’s Edge was one of the finest experiences I’ve ever had in gaming, and was honestly an incredible surprise to me, as the other favorite games I had all involved shooting the shit out of people in one way or another at the time.  From the stylistic cut scenes, to the bright and cheery, yet eerily empty vistas of the Orwellian cityscapes, to the music that switched from calm, relaxing and beautiful, to heart-pumpingly stressing in the blink of an eye; the game exuded style.

Thankfully, the wait is over for Mirror’s Edge 2, as it was announced by EA today in their E3 press conference.  Although a happy moment for fans of the first game, it was also a bit distressing that they focused so heavily on combat in the short demo reel they showed.  I think, or at least hope, that they know better than to remake one of the only action games that discouraged violence for the most part into another generic run and gun beat-em-up.  It’s a lot to go on from 20 seconds or so of gameplay, but I’ve been burned before (Here’s looking at you Ubisoft. I want my Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell back), and just don’t want to be hurt again.

I wait with cautious optimism to see a full gameplay trailer that hopefully doesn’t feel the need to rely on flashy combat to extol the virtues of what made Mirror’s Edge a great experience.  Hopefully sometime next year I’ll be running with the wind whipping past my head jumping from rooftop to rooftop, hoping to god a random bullet doesn’t wing me and cause me to go plummeting to my death once again.

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