Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 18, 2013

Valve To Release DOTA 2 This Summer!


Watch out LoL! Valve has announced that DOTA 2, the sequel to the legendary DOTA map in Warcraft 3 will be coming out this summer! At this time there is no official release date, although it has been noted that it will be released in time for The International 3 tournament, to be held in Benaroya Hall in Seattle on August 7-11.

DOTA 2 Broadcaster David “GoDZ” Parker had this to say: “Dota 2 being officially released to the public acts as the next step for Valve in shipping the finished Dota 2 project. While anyone interested in obtaining a beta key and playing the game could have already done so with minimal work, having the ease of play that being public brings will make it a true free-to-play game in the ARTS/MOBA genre.”

Because it’s being developed by Valve,DOTA 2 will be quite the competitor withLoL. After all, both games are free to play, and feature a ton of different content that can be unlocked, either through playing the game or just using cash if there’s a particular person you want and don’t have the time or patience to wait to get. We can expect to see moreDOTA 2 updates in a week or so, when Valve releases more details.


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Written by Chuck Corbin

Chuck Corbin

Growing up in Bloomington, Indiana, Chuck has always had a love of games, starting with the Sega Genesis and the GameBoy, and that love has evolved into building and tweaking his PC. He was a writer for GamerFront from Jan. 2012 to Dec. 2013.

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