Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 31, 2013

BioShock Infinite DLC Announced

If you were wondering about when you’d finally see some DLC for the ever-popular BioShock Infinite, well you’re in luck! Yesterday it was revealed that there will be 3 pieces of DLC for the game, which you can get for a discount if you buy the Season Pass. And unlike most DLC, this is stuff that had only been developed after the game was released.

The first bit of DLC is called Clash of the Clouds, and is available for $5. It’s a pretty simple bit of DLC, honestly: hold out against 15 waves of enemies across 4 new maps. This bit of DLC is available right now.

The next two pieces of DLC, however, are a bit grander in scope. Titled Burial at Sea, the two-parted DLC takes Booker and Elizabeth to Rapture from the first BioShock, in the year 1958. There’s no date out for these packs yet, but here’s soemthing interesting: In the second Burial atSea pack, you won’t be playing as Booker, but rather you’ll actually be playing as Elizabeth. That’ll make things interesting!


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