Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 12, 2013

The Steam Summer Sale Is Here!

Are you ready for a miracle? One of the most anticipated events to come out of Valve each year is the Steam Summer Sale, and this one is looking to be a doozy! From yesterday, July 11th to July 22nd you can get your hands on tons of giant discounts up to 75 or possibly more off!

Each major sale always seems to have some sort of theme, and this one is no different. After revealing trading cards Valve is encouraging customers to buy, buy, buy by giving folks the chance to earn 10 Summer Getaway Trading Cards, available only during the sale. You can earn cards through a variety of ways, from purchasing games (every $10 gets you a card), to voting in the Community’s Choice Flash Sale pole, purchasing them from the Community Market, and of course, trading for them.

Of course, the big thing with the Steam Summer Sale is that the deals change daily, but right now the big daily deal is BioShock Infinite, which is on sale for 50% off. The Daily sales will change every day at 1PM EST, but the Flash Sales (which are usually even cheaper than the daily sales, for more mainstream games like free bingo online games) last only 8 hours. In other words, if there’s a certain game you want to get while it’s cheap, you better be checking up on Steam every few hours! Happy gaming!


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