Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 15, 2013

Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC Remove Trademarks From EA College Football Games

EA’sNCAA Football series may be just the same old game year after year, but there’s no denying that they make lots of dough year after year off of the college football fan. After all, it gives the fans of teams like the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers and the Purdue Boilermakers the opportunity to have a team that’s actually relevant in football, even if it’s only on their Xbox 360 or PS3. Next year, however, is going to be different as the NCAA has decided that they’re no longer allowing EA to use their trademarks in the game, and now it’s not just the NCAA that is no longer allowing them to use their trademarks.

Yesterday the Big Ten, Pac-12, and SEC announced that they will no longer allow EA the use of their trademarks in their college football games. When reached for comment, Pac-12 spokeman Erik Hardenbergh told CBS Sports that “The Pac-12 Conference has decided not to renew its current licensing agreement with EA Sports that allows the use of Conference trademarks.” At this time, the other two major conferences the Big XII and the ACC have yet to make a decision on whether to allow EA the use of their conferences branding or not.

Keep in mind that while EA won’t be able to use those conferences brands and logos, that does not extend to the member schools themselves. According to the Collegiate Licensing Company, which represents the schools in licensing their brands, “150 collegiate institutions, including SEC schools, have approved renewal of the EA college football license, to begin with the 2015 edition. As with any licensed product, individual schools continue to make their own decisions.” I wouldn’t be too surprised, however, if before long we start hearing about some schools denying EA the use of their brands in the game.


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