Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 22, 2013

Blizzard Announced D3 Expansion, Reaper Of Souls

Everyone remembers Diablo III right? The much-hyped-yet-ultimately-disappointing sequel to one of the greatest games of all time, Diablo II? Well like most Blizzard games, DiabloIII is getting a sequel!

Titled Reaper of Souls, it centers around the fallen Archangel of Wisdom, now the self-titled Angel of Death known as Malthael, who has seized control of the black soulstone and is unleashing havoc upon the world of Sanctuary. The expansion, in particular, takes place in both Westmarch and within the Pandemonium Fortress, but that’s not all that’s being added to the game. Indeed, Blizzard is introducing a new class, called the Crusader, which is quite similar to Diablo II’s Paladin, and Blizzard is also raising the level cap of Diablo III to 70.

Loot is being featured quite a bit in this expansion as well, as the dropping system is being overhauled to make it so that the items dropped are more likely to be useful. They’re also introducing a new artisan, called the Mystic, which can be used to re-roll stats on items in a chance to make them better overall. Blizzard is also adding a new endgame option titled simply “Loot Runs”, where players are placed in a fully randomized dungeon with randomized monsters. All in all, this expansion looks pretty good on paper, but we’ll just have to wait to see how it comes out. As this is a Blizzard product, there is no release date for this expansion yet, though Blizzard currently has on its website that it’ll be coming in 2014.


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