Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 12, 2013

Saints Row IV Has The Mother Of All Collectors Editions

The Saints Row games have always had a tendency to be a bit… over the top. From huge explosions, to luchadors, and giant purple dildos, these games are clearly meant to not be taken seriously. Deep Silver, however, has taken “over the top” to a whole new level in what can only be described as the Mother of All Collector’s Editions.

Dubbed “The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition”, this collector’s edition is a one of a kind, with a one of a kind price: one million dollars. This edition is loaded with goodies, however! Besides just the game, of course, you’ll get a full sized replica Dubstep gun, a full day of spy training, and even a hostage rescue experience.

And really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Also included is an actual trip to space via Virgin Galactic, a one year’s membership to the E25 Super Car Club, as well as a Lamborghini Gallardo to “make it worthwhile”, plastic surgery, a shopping spree with a personal shopper to “create the ultimate Planet Saints capsule wardrobe”, 7 nights for 2 in The Jefferson Hotel in Washington, a 7 night stay in the Top Royal Suite at the Burj-al-arab (with flights included), and… a Toyota Prius. Altogether, that’s a pretty damn good edition. I think, however, that I’ll just wait for the Steam Sale this coming winter…


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