Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Sep 18, 2013

Add Some Class To Your Game Room With These Video Game Covers

Keeping a library of games is something to be proud of. Friends can look over your collection in awe and drool over what they don’t have, what they want to borrow, or remind you once again, that they have the same game (also being a game you play together). However, when your family comes over, there’s always a bit of poking about how you love video games, and what better things you could be doing with your time.

Instead getting into a long winded-debate, you can simply hide them in this super-fancy, Custom Video Game Covers. These are purely for the purpose of making it look like every game you own is actually a Penguin book. Not only will it deter your family or more pretentious friends from making commentary on something they know nothing about, but it will make your gaming space look very cohesive.

Of course, this is getting really picky about fine details in a room, but hey, it’s a neat idea. Coughing up $6 will get you three of these, but seeing that most people are going to need a lot of them, larger orders will have them priced at $1.49 a piece. Of course, you’re not paying for the physical paper, just a high quality.pdf file. This will truly be geek chic at its finest.

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