Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 17, 2013

Gaben Teases Steam Box Announcement For Next Week

The Steam Box appears to be the best of both the console and PC gaming worlds. After all, from what we can tell it can combine the ease of starting and playing a game that a console gives and marries it to the power and open-sourcedness that a PC can bring. Unfortunately, nobody really knows a lot about it, from what kind of power the Steam Box will have under the hood, to even what kind of controller it might have.

If what Gabe Newell, or Gaben as many fans affectionately call him, says is true, then we should be getting some actual, concrete information on the Steam Box next week. While at LinuxCon yesterday, Gabe announced that next week that they were going to unveil just what “hardware opportunities we see for bringing Linux into the living room.” No specific date has yet to be mentioned.

The Steam Box was semi-announced earlier this year, as Valve has expressed their desire to get into the console market. However, instead of making their own proprietary parts and OS, they’re going to be using more off-the-shelf PC parts, and utilize a version of Linux for the OS. It might not end up being a huge success when compared to the PS4 or Xbox One, but I would guess that it’ll do well enough with the PC crowd who might want something that’s a little more PC-like in the living room without having to build it themselves.


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