Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 10, 2013

Japan Won’t Get PS4 Until 2014

Well, this has to be a little disappointing for Japanese Sony fans. Despite the fact that traditionally Japan gets new consoles first, before North America and Europe, it appears that it will be the other way around this time with the PS4. That’s because Japan won’t be getting the PS4 until February 22, 2014.

That’s right, it’ll be a full 3 months before the Japanese can get their hands on a console! According to Sony it all has to do with the fact that they want more content ready for the Japanese market at launch. But hey, since the Xbox One isn’t being released in Japan anytime soon, I don’t think Sony has any reason to worry, especially since Microsoft’s consoles haven’t traditionally done well in Japan in the first place.

There is an upside to this waiting, however. Sony announced that all PS4s sold in Japan will come with a free copy ofKnack. Considering how that’s a $60 game, that’s not a bad deal, though keep in mind this free copy isn’t coming on a disc, but rather a download voucher. The PS4 in Japan will retail for ¥39,980, which in American Dollars equals to about $400.


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