Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 13, 2013

Microsoft Buys Xbone.com Domain

Ah, the Xbox One. It’s been a target for derision ever since it was announced, thanks in part to their original policies on used games and connectivity requirements. Of course, it didn’t help that it had a goofy name to begin with, one that could easily be shortened into… the Xbone.

It’s pretty safe to say the Microsoft doesn’t really like particular name, but despite what they may say people everywhere refer to the system as such, usually when they’re being derisive. Despite that, or more likely, because of it, Microsoft has gone ahead and registered the domain name Xbone.com and Xbone.net. And no, Microsoft is not pulling another about-face and embracing the term.

It’s about controlling the brand, and if they own the Xbone.net and .com domains then that’s two less websites that can be put up that will undoubtedly be used to mock the Xbox One. There’s not much else Microsoft can do with those sites. Indeed, right now all they do is redirect you to the Bing search results for the Xbox One.


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