Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 4, 2013

Microsoft Confirms That Reputation Will Be Reset From Xbox 360 To Xbox One

Fact is, sometimes people can suck, especially when you get stuck playing against them online. They might be trash talkers, spamming the chat room with their assertions about how they’re going to have their way with your mother, or they might just be backstabbers, being a hindrance (on purpose) to the team and preventing them from having a shot at winning. Luckily, Microsoft’s matchmaking service will be taking into account people’s previous reputation, but when the Xbox One is released most folks will start on an equal level.

Marc Whitten of Microsoft revealed that the reputation system for Xbox Live will be reset for folks going from the 360 to the Xbox One. He stated that while a majority of folks will start with a rating of “Good”, some folks who had had enforcement actions taken against them recently will be placed in a “Needs Work” level. They want to give folks a chance, Whitten says, to participate in Live fairly, and they won’t be placing anyone in the “Avoid Me” SmartMatch level unless they do something to deserve it.

And speaking of Xbox Live accounts, Whitten also revealed that you can do multiple sign-ons… of a sort. He said that if you want to use an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One at the same time (say, your kid brother is downstairs playing your old system while you’re playing with the new one) that that would be possible. However, as to be expected, if you try to sign in with 2 Xbox 360’s and/or 2 Xbox One’s that won’t work.


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