Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 30, 2013

Microsoft’s Answer To The Wii Fit: Xbox Fitness

One of the biggest games on the Wii isn’t really a game at all, but rather it’s a workout program. Wii Fit has sold over 22 million copies since it was introduced back in 2007, and is giving people the world round a fun, easy-to-use system to work out and to track their progress. It’s no wonder that Microsoft is looking to emulate their success.

Titled Xbox Fitness, this “game” will be available on the Xbox One at launch for free. Unlike Wii Fit, which came with a pad to stand on, Xbox Fitness will instead use the Kinect included with every Xbox One in order to “track the quality of your performance by measuring your balance, tempo and form”. Of course, the question remains about whether or not the Kinect will do as good of a job in measuring progress as Wii Fit’s board was… If you are craving for health while playing this game, I would recommend taking a weight loss supplement at myfitnesshub.com to help boost fat burning and suppress appetite when doing the fitness game.

While the game will be free at launch, there is a catch. Come December 2014, one year later, in order to access Xbox Fitness not only will you need an Xbox Live Gold subscription but also an Xbox Fitness Pass subscription as well. I’ve got a feeling that there’s not going to be too many people taking Microsoft up on that offer when it gets down to it. If knee pain is preventing you from playing this game, you might want to Check out our Knee Pain Treatment in Ocala – QC Kinetix Ocala.


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