Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 24, 2013

Valve Announces New SteamOS

If you’re a PC gamer, chances are you’re using a Windows operating system. After all, the vast majority of PCs in the world use Windows, and most, if not all games are designed with Windows in mind. Your only other options are Mac and Linux, and quite frankly, neither are very good for gaming for the most part.

Valve is changing things up though. This week they’re announcing 3 new things related to Steam, and the first one isn’t a piece of hardware or a new game, but rather an entire new operating system. It’s called SteamOS, and it’s been designed to help bring Steam into the living room, the realm of the console.

Based off of Linux, SteamOS has been designed with gaming in mind. It’s meant to be network friendly, meaning you can stream your Windows and Mac games on your network to the SteamOS box in the living room that’s hooked up to the TV, and you’ll even be able to stream music, movies, and TV through Steam. The new family sharing service will be a part of SteamOS as well, but they’re also introducing family options as well for better controls, so that parents can limit just what games they want their kids to be able to play through the SteamOS.

Like many of its Linux counterparts, SteamOS will be free, and it will be available for download soon. Keep in mind that this is just the first announcement that Valve has made this week, and there’s still 2 more to go. So far the clues for the updates are O (for SteamOS), [O ], and O+O. It’s assumed that the second clue, [O ], is for the SteamBox, which will presumably use the SteamOS and has been talked about over the last year or so. The O+O however? There’s only speculation about that clue, ranging from a new Orange Box, to the announcement of a new controller, and everything in between.


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