Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Oct 7, 2013

LAN War XXV – Whose Side Are You On?

Once upon a time, there weren’t a multitude of chat services that would allow us to talk in-game on our various platforms. While console games could be a bit more easily shared with friends, you were quite out of luck if you were on a PC. The only solution to being able to talk to friends while gaming together would be having everyone in the same place. This is what is known to us as a LAN.

While there isn’t such a need for events any more, it’s still nice to be able to go out and meet more of our own kind in a friendly gaming-based environment. There are notable events like this out there such as Dreamhack, but if you look, there are all sorts of smaller scale events out there as well. In Bloomington, IN, there’s going to be a pretty awesome event called LAN War XXV coming up on October 19th and 20th that will be well worth coming out of your gaming cave.

This is going to be held at the Monroe County Fairgrounds, and will cost you $20. There is a war effort theme for this event, pitting the red team versus the blue team. No, this isn’t red vs. blue, but you can let your imagination do whatever you’d like. Your ticket will get you pizza, energy drinks, a t-shirt, doughnuts in the morning, and a raffle ticket to some pretty amazing prizes. Tossing in an additional $5 will get your gamer tag on the back of your shirt.

They have sponsors such as Steelseries, Das keyboard, and more that will be offering all sorts of awesome gear through the raffle. Yes, this means headsets, mice, and possibly graphics cards. As a person who has attended many of these events in the past, I can vouch for how awesome these events are. My first year I won a $200 graphics card, and it was all because I showed up. They always have tons of prizes and tournaments, so your chances of winning something are pretty high. There will be a stream of the tournaments as they’re happening, so if you can’t make it, you can always tune in here.

If PC gaming isn’t your fancy, there will also be tabletop and console tournaments. Not to mention you can register your console at a station as well. Make sure to bring your 3DS if you’ve got one, because a 450 person event of nothing but gamers is going to be pretty intense for StreetPass.

Here’s the part where we come in! We will have a lounge for attendees to chill out and play with all the toys we review. That’s right, we will have a rig set up with all of our mice, keyboards, and headsets out for you to plug in and play with. Follow the link below to register!


Go register!

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