Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 17, 2013

Microsoft Offering Free Xbox One Dedicated Servers To Developers

When it comes to multiplayer games it really is best to have a dedicated server out there. After all, they tend to be a lot beefier than the kind of machines a lot of gamers have, with a stable internet connection, and there’s even the fact that there’s no host advantage to speak of as all the players are connecting to the server right then and there. And if you’re planning on owning an Xbox One and playing a lot of multiplayer games, you’ll be glad to know that most, if not all of your multiplayer games will make use of dedicated servers.

That’s because Microsoft has gone ahead and given developers free dedicated servers for them to use. In a post made on the NeoGAF message board, Albert Penello, Microsoft’s director of Xbox product planning, wrote that “ALL game developers get Dedicated Servers, Cloud Processing, and ‘storage’ (for save games) free.” Even the most cynical of gamers have to admit that that’s pretty cool of them.

Most folks undoubtedly have some horror stories about the lack of dedicated server support in games, and I’m sure some of it came down to developers not wanting to spend the money for the servers in the first place. And with the addition of free cloud processing and storage, Microsoft is really trying to make themselves look good, at least for the developers. That’s not a bad thing, for sure!


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