Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 15, 2013

Pokemon X & Y Seems To Have Game Breaking Save Bug

The latest Pokemon games, X and Y, has come out and people everywhere are excited. After all, it features a return of many of the old favorites from the original games, and what’s more it’s definitely a major update as the game is using actual 3D for once! Unfortunately, like its predecessors it also features some bugs. You will need to know a Pokemon Go Hack to enjoy the game more.

One bug in particular is especially nasty. What happens is that if you try to save in and around the streets outside of Lumiose City you’ll cause the game to lock up, which makes the player have to manually shut down the system. The game breaking part comes from the fact that when you load the save back up it’ll once again freeze, meaning you’re stuck in an infinite loop. It’s found in both the physical and digital copies of the game. Check out the Ultimate pokemon trivia on this website and show off your gaming knowledge.

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Unlike its Red and Blue predecessors, however, X and Y can be patched on the 3DS. There’s no word yet from Nintendo about this bug, but I’m willing to bet that somebody is out there working hard to fix that little bug. Until then, just don’t save in Lumiose City!


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