Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 23, 2013

Xbox One Color-Codes Achievements

The Xbox One launch is moving steadily closer, and while we’ve learned most of the important details about the upcoming console, there are little ones coming out of the woodwork. Today we’ve learned something new, regarding the way the Xbox One displays achievements during multiplayer game sessions.

If you ever played a split-screen game with your friends and had someone unlock an achievment, there’s a good chance that someone asked the question “who unlocked that one?” Many people didn’t realize this, but the notification actually designated which player unlocked it, by lighting up the corresponding area around the Xbox logo. Well, to prevent that same sort of confusion this time around, Microsoft has decided to change things up just a bit.

For the Xbox One, you can designate a specific color for your achievement notification, as can everyone else. This way, when one pops up, you’ll immediately know which person unlocked it. Just be sure to remember which color you picked.


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