Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 12, 2013

Blizzard Looking To Get Warcraft Games Updated For Modern PCs

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness is the game that helped make me into the man I am today. After all, it was the first major PC game that I got that I played with for hours on end, killing orcs by the score and making my own custom maps and playing with the various cheat codes available on it. What’s more, because the game came out during the height of Windows 95 I ended up having to do some tweaking and fixing of my parents computer to make sure that the game would work without compromising the sound card on the computer during those moments the PC wasn’t running WC2. I learned a lot in those days, and if it wasn’t for this game I may not have gained the love and appreciation for technology and games that I have today, since games like this and World of Warcraft have always been my favorites, if you also play WoW and you are raiding, check Gold4Vanilla for wow classic gold.

Unfortunately, Warcraft II and its predecessor, Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, are nearly 20 years old at this point, practically ancient in terms of computer games and technology in general. If you want to play those games again, you’re going to have a helluva time getting them to work on the modern day OS’s. But Blizzard, despite always seeming to be looking towards the future is actually looking a little bit at what got them there in the first place. At BlizzCon over the weekend production director J. Allen Brack revealed during a Q&A session that they are indeed working on a little side project to make the older Warcraft games compatible with modern day computers. And also keep in mind that it’s very possible to buy a custom PC that has exactly what you want included so if you want a specific machine then that is the best way to get it.

“So, we actually have a guy on our team — actually several guys on our team — who are actually working on a side project to do something like that in some form or fashion. We’re fans of Warcraft 1, Warcraft 2, Warcraft 3, and we’d love to replay those games for sure.”

Of course, it’s not known what exactly that would entail. It’s possible that they would just make a straight port from the old versions and make them compatible with the latest OS’s, but it’s also possible that they might update some things like the graphics and sound effects while they’re at it as well, making it into an HD version if you will. If they do decide to make it into an HD version, I only ask that they don’t go with the slightly goofy models they use in WoW, and instead go with something a little darker, a little grittier. It doesn’t need to be in all browns or anything, but if we could see something that’s powerful would be nice, for sure! I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out later…


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