Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 4, 2013

Bungie Is Looking For As Many Beta Testers As Possible For ‘Destiny’

Over the past several years game makers have been trying to take on a greater share of the multiplayer load by hosting the game’s servers and controlling everything about the game from their end. Unfortunately, many developers soon find out after a game’s release that they’re not ready to take on the masses of gamers logging in at one time, as demonstrated by games like Diablo III, SimCity, and the online portion of GTA V, GTA: Online. Bungie is looking to avoid those kinds of problems when they release Destiny next year.

Bungie’s senior writer Eric Osborne told IGN in an interview just what they’re looking for from the community before the game’s full launch:

“We need people to play story, multiplayer and co-op. We need them to go and create characters so we can understand those systems and what they mean for us. We need lots of people to hit the servers at the same time, see how they use guns and play the early stuff, what the competitive multiplayer looks like with many different levels. You can read this Vultr VPS Review to understand the use of a good hosting server. Working on Destiny every day doesn’t compare with a million gamers crashing against it. We’re going to do a beta, kick the tyres, get people in to play in 2014 and make sure we understand what those pushes are going to look like by trying to drive as much peak concurrency as possible before day one so we can understand what to do. We’re not going to rely on guesswork. We’re going to push as many people against it as possible. We’ll forge it in fire and hopefully that’ll make it a better experience day one for everybody.”

That’s a bold plan, one that I hope pays off for Bungie in the end. You figure if you can get some of these problems fixed before the game’s full release, that will certainly cut down on the problems that will come post-launch. The game will still probably not be perfect once it’s released, but if they can avoid the kinds of problems that plagued games like Diablo III, SimCity, and GTA:Online, Bungie will put themselves in a good spot.


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