Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 19, 2013

Final Fantasy X, X-2 HD Remasters Coming In March

Final Fantasy X is one of the most popular games in the Final Fantasy series. Released on the PS2, it was the first FF game to feature full voice acting, and it marked a departure from previous games in the series as the whole game was in what would have been considered FMV quality in previous titles. It sold millions of titles and helped spawn a sequel, something unheard of in FF games at that time.

It’s no surprise then that Square Enix has been remaking FFX and it’s sequel, X-2 for awhile. And now, with that being said, they finally have a release date for their HD Remasters! On March 18th, 2014 you can get X and X-2 for the PS3 in North America. Europe is set to get the game on the 21st, while Japan will be getting the game this December.

At this time there is no word on the Vita version, or if they’re doing anything with the PS4. Square Enix has said that information on the Vita version will be announced later. While there is no word on a PS4 version, I would guess that this game might show up on the Genkai streaming service before too long.


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