Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 21, 2013

Man Who Recieved Xbox One Early No Longer Banned From Live

On November 8th Andre Weingarten got a big surprise when the Xbox One he ordered from Target (which he thought was just a pre-order) turned up at his house 2 weeks before the system was supposed to launch. That surprise was short-lived, however, when after a few hours of playing around on it he found that his brand new console was banned! Luckily, that console ban was only a temporary measure: Microsoft didn’t want any footage being leaked from what is an unfinished Xbox Live.

Now, with 2 days left before the release of Microsoft’s newest creation Mr. Weingarten has now found himself able to once again connect his console to the internet. Yesterday afternoon he received a message stating that his console was now connected to Xbox Live and that it was downloading a 1.25 GB update. Not that he’s going to have a whole lot of time to play it before the Xbox One’s release, that is.

That’s because he had been invited to Microsoft’s Xbox One launch event in New York tonight! For all the crap this guy had to go through just for being lucky enough to get a console early, from having an unboxing video taken down off of Youtube temporarily as well as having his Twitter account locked down, it’s no surprise that Microsoft is trying to make it up to the guy. It’s a pretty sweet gig if I do say so myself…


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