Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 25, 2013

Microsoft Announces They Too Have Sold 1M Consoles On First Day

On November 15th Sony made some history by selling 1 million consoles during the first 24 hours after the PS4 launched. Besides the fact that there is obviously great interest in the PS4, that high number of consoles sold also proved that Sony was on the ball this time around with getting a huge number ready for day one. Many folks, myself included, had wondered if Microsoft would be up for the challenge as well.

It turns out that they were. According to Microsoft, the Xbox One has too sold 1 million consoles during its first 24 hours as well, easily making it the biggest launch in Xbox history. The Xbox One had launched on Friday in 13 different countries, while the PS4 had launched in only North America on the 15th.

Still, with over 2 million next-gen consoles sold in a week between the Xbox One and the PS4 it’s pretty easy to say that there is definitely a lot of hype to be had. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this week though between the two systems. After all, the PS4 will be launching in Europe and other Asian countries this Friday.


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