Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 6, 2013

Sony Brings PocketStation App To PS Vita

If there was a Final Fantasy game I can say that I liked the most, I’d have to go with Final Fantasy VIII. Granted, part of it has to do with nostalgia, what with it being my first RPG and all that, but at the same time I’ve found the story interesting and the battle system to be fun (once you’ve figured out the intricacies, that is). Unfortunately, being an American, I could never quite get the whole FFVIII experience. After all, there was a little mini-game in FFVIII that could only be accessed with a PocketStation, a small device with an LCD screen and five buttons that was only released in Japan.

Well, it looks like I might finally get my chance at “finishing” FFVIII! Sony has released a PocketStation app for the Vita in Japan. What’s more, it’s completely free for PS Plus members, and the app is compatible with any original PlayStation game that made use of the app.

Keep in mind though that the app is only available in Japan for the moment. Sony has yet to announce if they’ll be releasing the PocketStation app at all outside of Japan, or to another system for that matter. Here’s hoping that Sony decides to release it stateside for once, and let us westerners see once and for all on what we missed out on.


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