Posted by Chuck Corbin on Dec 6, 2013

EA Rolls Out Another BF4 Patch For PS4

EA has gone ahead and released another patch for the PS4 version of Battlefield 4. It’s not exactly a huge patch, as it only fixes 3 things, but it does take care of one major issue, the “one-hit kill” bug. They’re still working on another patch to fix various stability issues and other bugs at this time.

Besides the fix to the one hit kill problem, DICE has also fixed a couple of other problems as well. One of the fixes is for a crash would occasionally occur when “having a very large amounts of Friends” The other problem they’ve fixed now enables audio for PS4 video captures which had been missing before.

Of course, there still is a ton of work left to do to get this game running perfectly. For instance, there’s been an issue with dying before you can see who shot you, where the death camera is activated before the information to be “interpolated by your camera” can be received by your system, making it appear that you were killed by a single shot as someone popped around a building or something. Hopefully that’ll be something that’ll be fixed here soon.


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