Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 18, 2014

Nvidia’s GAME24 Event Starts Tonight

If you’re a PC gamer looking for something to do tonight, join Nvidia in their GAME24 event. GAME24 is a 24-hour PC gaming event that starts tonight at 6PM PDT. The event is happening in major cities around the world, including Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Mission Viejo (Ca.), Indianapolis, Shanghai, Stockholm. For those of you not in those areas, tune into the official GAME24 site to participate in the live stream.

So just what is happening during these 24 hours? Nvidia has promised all kinds of stuff. There wil lbe a DOTA 2 Invitational, with Evil Geniuses, Cloud 9, Team Tinker, and Alliance competing for a share of $15,000 in prizes. There will be a modding contest held at Nvidia’s HQ, which will be livestreamed and judged by the viewers. They’re also promising lots of prizes to be given out, as well as some big product announcements (900-series cards, perhaps?)

There are far worse ways to spend a Thursday night. And who knows, you might just win something while you’re tuned in. And if you’re going to the Indianapolis event, we’ll see you there!

UPDATE: Looks like they’re already giving out game codes in the livestream chat!

GAME24 Event Page



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