Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 10, 2014

[Rumor] Microsoft in Talks to Buy Minecraft Creator Mojang For $2 Billion

If I asked you what the most successful indie game to date was, I wouldn’t be surprised if Minecraft was one of the most popular replies. After all, earlier this year it surpassed the 100 million user mark, which is a feat not shared by many other indie titles. But now Mojang, the company behind this successful game is supposedly in talks to be bought out by one of the biggest names in modern gaming.

According to the Wall Street Journal, none other than Microsoft is in talks to purchase the company for $2 Billion. Yes, that’s with a “B”. It’s nothing new for a company like Microsoft to purchase a successful developer and add their talent and catalog to their ranks, but Notch has been rather vocal about keeping the company independent, and has shied away from outside investors.

What’s especially interesting is that when Facebook announced the buyout of Occulus for around $2 Billion, Notch specifically stated that he had “turned down money like that.” If Mojang and Notch are really in talks with Microsoft to buy the company, one has to wonder what has brought about this sudden change of heart.





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