Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 12, 2015

Xbox One Chatpad Clone Now Available From New Dream


Nothing is worse when you’re on your console and you need to type something into a text box. Suddenly something as simple as typing in your email address turns into a lengthy ordeal. Okay, so maybe it only takes 30 seconds as opposed to 3, but still, it’s an inconvenience. The Xbox 360 had a handy little accessory that sped up the process, by giving you a tiny keyboard attached to your controller. Sadly, Microsoft hasn’t shown much interest in bringing back the Chatpad for the Xbox One.

Naturally, where one company lets us down, another steps up. New Dream Tech has released their own version of the Chatpad, which plugs into the Xbox One controller. Since it’s not a Microsoft product, there are some drawbacks to this. First, you’ll have to plug in a USB adapter into your console. This isn’t a very big deal, as you have three ports available. The biggest downside is that you lose your ability to plug in a headset. To be honest, that’s going to be a deal-breaker for most people.

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On the upside, the keyboard is powered by your controller, so you won’t have to worry about extra batteries or anything. The $21 cost isn’t terrible, but you’re honestly better off just keeping a regular wireless keyboard around, if it means giving up voice chat.


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