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DIY Nerf Lancer

DIY Nerf Lancer Man, I remember some of my favorite toys as a kid being made by Nerf. No, I’m not talking about their footballs and stuff. My brother and I had all sorts of guns and weapons that we used on each other all the time. I recall one of my favorites being a belt-fed chain gun that could fire off something...
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DIY Child’s Mega Man Costume

DIY Child’s Mega Man Costume Halloween is just around the corner, so if you don’t already have a costume in mind, you’d better get cracking. If you have kids, then you’ve got your work cut out for you.  Sure, you could go to the store and pick up any run-of-the mill costume, but who wants to be dressed just like...
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The NES Bong

The NES Bong Now this is a mod that you will quickly get to enjoy your work if you gave it a try.  It also would never become outdated technology and could be fun for the whole family.  Even fluffy, your significant other’s yappy dog.  It will no longer work to game with, but at least you could have a bit of...
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Toaster modded into an NES

Toaster modded into an NES Here’s another cool mod for you, but sadly unlike the Companion Cube it doesn’t really have a lot of details to go with it. Besides several pictures and a video that reveals very little about the mod. The video really only demonstrates that to turn on the device you push down on the toaster...
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The Weighted Companion Cube Subwoofer

The Weighted Companion Cube Subwoofer Anyone who still has the thought that gamers are a bunch of lazy bums who just sit and play games all day would only have to take a look at the number of game inspired mods to know that’s myth. This latest mod took several months to complete. The Weighted Companion Cube has now been modded into a...
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Super-Sized SNES Controller

Super-Sized SNES Controller I’m sure that everyone remembers the giant controller that Microsoft shipped with the original Xbox. That thing was so big that you had to use your feet just to reach all of the buttons. Well someone decided that they should make a Super Nintendo Controller that’s of equal size, just for...
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DIY Handheld Atari Game

DIY Handheld Atari Game Whenever I leave the house, I generally take my DS along to keep me entertained. If I don’t remember to grab it, I at least have my trusty iPhone, which isn’t bad for gaming in short spurts. However, neither of them really satisfy my craving for classic Atari games (though my iPhone does have a...
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