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Review – Buckshot Pump-Action Shotgun For The Wii

Review – Buckshot Pump-Action Shotgun For The Wii These days Wii accessories are only outnumbered by those made for the iPod. Unfortunately, Wii accessories are generally cheap pieces of plastic that do little to add to the enjoyment of the game, despite what the product claims. The only time I bother with such an addition to my Wiimote is when I’m...
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Review – LEGO Battles (DS)

Review – LEGO Battles (DS) We’ve seen a lot of LEGO video games over the last few years, most of which have been a lot of fun. Well the guys in charge decided it was time to branch out from the RPG games that they’ve been so focused on of late and bring us LEGO Battles. This real-time strategy game for the DS lets you...
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Review – Dragon Ball Origins (DS)

Review – Dragon Ball Origins (DS) Not long ago I decided to pick up something new for my DS, and happened across the new Dragon Ball Origins game. I’m a fan of the series, and what I’d heard of the game prior to launch sounded interesting, so I decided that it might be worth a shot. The game follows the storyline of the original...
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Review – ezShot Gun For Wii

Review – ezShot Gun For Wii One of the things I like about my Wii is that I can easily turn my Wiimote into a gun without the need to drop a bundle of cash on another accessory. Generally you shell out just a few bucks and get a plastic frame, which is fine with me. I personally have two different ones in my collection (the official...
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Review – ezStand

Review – ezStand I tend to take the rocking of plastic instruments a bit too seriously at times, but it’s something I enjoy. One of the issues I run into with my guitar controllers is of where to place them when they aren’t in use. I generally keep at least one of them leaned up against my entertainment center,...
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