Raine Hutchens


Name: Raine (BringTheRaine) Hutchens

Age: 23

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Role: Senior Editor, Chairman of Epicocity

Superhero Alter Ego:  HULK SMASH, with a bit of Iron Man flair.

Favorite Games: Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Diablo series, Starcraft series, Dead Space series, Killzone series, Minecraft, WoW, Resident Evil series, Metal Gear series, Halo series, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy VII and VIII, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Tales of Destiny and many more.

Preferred Platform: I’m leaning toward playing more PC games, though I do enjoy my Xbox 360, better known as the Herpbox Three-Derpty. However, I’ll always be down for some tabletop.

Current Obsession: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Blacklight: Retribution, DDO, Lord of the Rings

Bio: I started playing games way back in the day with the Atari 2600. I can remember trying to beat Pitfall with my family, but I couldn’t escape those damn gators. Then I moved through the NES, SNES, and forward, playing Super Mario Brothers, Super Metroid and so forth. I’ve stuck with video games, and I enjoy keeping up with the current industry news. Video games have always seemed to be my forte, so I stuck with them. I’ve also had my fill with tabletop games and TCGs, and I started with those before I picked up a controller. I’m a D&D nerd, play the WoW TCG, the Resident Evil Deck Building Game, and much more. Right now I’m learning to pick up War Machines, and making the move to Hordes as well. I love video games, though I don’t think I’ll ever give up my love for good old tabletop. I went to college for a short while to actively produce video games, but I found that writing and blogging about them is what I do best. I got the opportunity to work with GamerFront and ran with it, turning it into my daily nine-to-five. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Non-Gaming Hobbies: Painting, writing fanfiction, spending time with my family, writing for my blog, making videos, playing bass, going on road trips, heading out to cons, watching anime, and being a complete turbo nerd.

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