Posted by Kat on Nov 23, 2007

A loving tribute to Atari

atari charm

I have to say Etsy is the greatest site to find random gaming jewelry and accessories. Any time I have taken the time to look around for it on the site I have never been disappointed. In the same token, no matter how many times I check out the archives there is no way to see it all.

Atari earrings

This Old School Joystick Charm and Earrings are both from the same maker, obviously. Although the earrings look like they would wear my ears out after a while, the charm would be great for a key chain or a necklace. The earrings are being sold for $5.65 and the charm for $3.25. Also on Etsy is this pop art print of the beloved Atari controller. Unfortunately it is the world’s smallest print, measuring 3 1/4” x 3 1/4”. The print is being sold for $4.20. If it were a bit larger this would make a great print for the GamerFront headquarters.

Atari Pop Art Print

Yet another odd bit of retro fun is this Atari wallet made purely of duct tape. It is being sold on Etsy for $20. Then there is this little crocheted number, which is way too funny to exclude. Looks a bit phallic doesn’t it? Well fortunately the creator is aware and only posts the picture because she has a sense of humor as well. She can make you a non-phallic or phallic one for $36.

Atari Wallet

Phallic Atari Joystick


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