Posted by Kat on Nov 19, 2007

Hot Rock Band Fan Art

Hot Rockband figurine fan art

Rock Band already has a huge following and it hasn’t even hit the shelves yet. The Rock Band fans are of course the faithful fans of Harmonix, the original crew for Guitar Hero. Well this Rock Band fan has decided to make a bit of fan art already.

This custom resin kit, likely based off of this particular figurine shows a scantily clad girl hanging out with her Rock Band controller. The figurine is horribly and completely slutty, however, you have to appreciate a guy who takes the time to show his love for a game that at best he has played in Best Buy.

That is unless he snagged himself a tour like Apathy and Feigned. Just so we’re clear I am horribly jealous that they got to go. The custom job was done by Kotaku reader, Peter.


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