Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Nov 22, 2007

Lightsaber accessory is a perfect match for Lego Star Wars

Wiimote Lightsaber

It seems like the Wiimote has almost as many crazy accessories as the iPod. Swords, zappers, boxing gloves, you name it. It’s only been a matter of time before someone created a lightsaber attachement, especially after Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga allowed you to control a lightsaber with your Wiimote for the first time.

Thankfully, someone heard the cries of would-be Jedi across the land and created the perfect accessory. The Wii Light Sword has 22 ultra bright blue LEDs that are powered by 3 AA batteries.

The $31 you spend on it won’t improve your lightsaber skills, however, it will make you look like a complete idiot real Jedi. You can bet that this one is on my Christmas list.


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