Posted by Kat on Nov 19, 2007

SimCity Societies makes an attempt to go green

SimCity Societies

I am actually not a huge SimCity fan, it has never really sparked my interest. I do quite a bit of gaming, but I just never got the urge to play SimCity. However, I have to admit SimCity incoorperating a few green aspects instantly caught my attention. First wondering how on earth a video game was going to help save the earth.

Well it doesn’t exactly help you recycle or conserve energy. You instead attempt to create a green society within the game. You have to choose the power source and then the game gives you information about CO2 emissions and smog-causing pollutants created by your paticular choice. If you have too much it will effect the city’s environment and the well-being of the residents.

Although SimCity is in no way an educational game, it would seem they have decided to educate the SimCity fans about environmental issues. It is definitely a new angle on educating others about these kind of issues. If you want to check out the new SimCity Societies, it hit the stores this week and is being sold for $49.99.


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