Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Nov 20, 2007

Sony cuts PS3 dev kit price by 50%

Dev kit

A lot of people will argue that the reason the PS3 sales haven’t been that great (until recently) is due to the fact that there aren’t a lot of good games on the market. Some developers will tell you that the PS3 is more difficult to program for than any other current-gen console on the market. Another good reason is that the dev kits are expensive, which makes it difficult for smaller studios to work on titles for Sony’s console.

While the issue of programming difficulties isn’t likely to get better, Sony has taken a huge step in making their kits accessible to smaller companies. They have slashed the price down to $10,250 in the US, which is roughly a 50% reduction. Europe and Japan should also see a similar cut.

Here’s to hoping that this move will lead to more PS3-native games, rather than just having them ported over from the 360. Sony has been making some good moves lately, lets hope it pays off.


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