Posted by Kat on Nov 19, 2007

Super Mario Bros. Cupcakes

Super Mario Cupcakes

I am always a sucker for all things Mario Bros. so these Mario inspired cupcakes are right up my alley. If I knew anyone who could decorate cupcakes this well, I’d be requesting them for my birthday every year.

I tend to enjoy baking as a side hobby, but nothing I’ve made has ever turned out like that. The baker of these cupcakes has several other not so geeky cakes that will keep you drooling for quite some time.

Is it excessively shallow to marry someone for their nerdy baking skills? I’m pretty sure in this particular case I would. That is if I could actually marry someone of the same sex within the U.S. Until the day I can marry off to someone just for their game themed baking, I will just have to salivate over the pictures on her flickr account.


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