Posted by Kat on Nov 19, 2007

World of Datecraft – yes it’s what you think it is

Hot WoW people to date

World of Datecraft is exactly what it sounds like, a dating site for WoW players. It features different players’ photographs and information to make sure the frequent WoW players still get to have a bit of a life in the outside world.

For the record notice all the girls, all those myths about girl gamers are bull and this is proof. Not only are there plenty of attractive girls, there are attractive guys too. Just register and list what you’re looking for, either girls or guys. You apparently can’t choose both, it’s against the rules, or something like that.

The site is fairly new from the looks of it and are currently having a small competition, the winner gets a 60-day game card. If you’re just on to get a few more guildies you can do a search by server to see who you can get to join your crew.


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