Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 17, 2008

Activision Considering Subscription Model For Guitar Hero DLC

Guitar Hero: World Tour

I haven’t really bought a lot of DLC for any of my Guitar Hero games. The main reason for that being that there just isn’t the volume of content available that there is for Rock Band. However, it seems that Activision is looking to not only release more DLC, but make it easier for you to buy it.

Rather than just buying individual tracks or packs of songs, Activision is considering a subscription-based service. Essentially you would pay a set fee per month/year and be allowed a certain number of downloads per month. Two things will need to happen to make this a successful business model. First, Activision will need to prove that they are really dedicated to releasing content on a regular basis. Then they’ll need to make offer enough of a discount to make the subscription option worthwhile.


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