Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 30, 2008

Age of Conan to Begin Merging Servers Due To Lack Of Players

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Then again, I suppose that Age of Conan was never doing well enough to be considered mighty. When the game first launched, it seemed to have the sort of momentum that could actually become something of a threat to World of Warcraft. However, it seems that the influx of new gamers was short-lived, and now the game isn’t doing so well.

Age of Conan game director Craig Morrison recently addressed the community and announced that in order to offer a “healthy gaming community” they would be merging some of the game’s servers. Such an action is never a good sign with an MMO, however, doing so will not only cut down on overhead for the company (and allow them to allocate resources into improving the game) but also make the game more enjoyable for those already playing by adding more players to each server. Morrison did not mention exactly how many servers would be merged.


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