Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 10, 2008

Chrono Trigger DS To Get SNES Play Mode

Chrono Trigger DS

Chrono Trigger is definitely one of the best RPGs for the Super Nintendo (A Link to the Past is still number 1 in my book though), so I’ve been stoked since Square Enix announced that they would be porting the game to the DS. With a new dungeon and wireless multiplayer, I think it’ll be worth the $40 to take the game anywhere with me.

What I wasn’t excited about was the announcement that the controls would handled through the touchscreen. The touchscreen is novel, and is useful in plenty of games, however, controlling your character in an RPG title just isn’t that much fun. I dealt with it in Phantom Hourglass, but playing that game in a car was not much fun. Thankfully Square Enix has announced that they will include an option for “SNES play mode”. This includes using the D-pad for navigation and only playing on a single screen (though the bottom screen shows you enemies’ health).


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