Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 1, 2008

Original Red Alert Goes Freeware

Red Alert

What were you doing 13 years ago? I can’t honestly remember either, but I can bet that some of you were being introduced to the Command and Conquer series. If RTS games are your thing, then you probably went on to play the C&C prequel dubbed Red Alert. In celebration of Red Alert 3 being released later this year, EA has offered up the original game for free.

You can head over to EA’s download page here and get your old-school fix. You can also get yourself the second game for free by putting down the full $50 to pre-order Red Alert 3. Kudos to EA for this promotion, everyone loves free stuff!

If you haven’t watched the trailer for Red Alert 3, you can see it on the download page. There are a lot of big names in there like Jenny McCarthy, Tim Curry and George Takei. It’s a pretty cool trailer, and definitely worth checking out.


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