Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 18, 2008

Rumor – Guitar Hero: Jimi Hendrix In The Works

Jimi Hendrix

As a fan of the Guitar Hero series, I have to say that I’m torn on the state of franchise. I think that Guitar Hero: World Tour is definitely a progressive move in the right direction. However, what troubles me is the prospect of band-themed titles clogging up store shelves. More music is great, but if I have to change out three or four discs in the course of a night just to play all of the songs I want, it’s going to get old quick. On the other hand, the thought of playing Guitar Hero: Jimi Hendrix makes me almost giddy.

Apparently Slash has been given some privileged information, which he happily passed along to the public in a recent interview (quoted below).  If the rocker is to be believed, then we can look forward to yet another title based around a single act.

Well, having the Aerosmith guys do it was very cool ’cause Aerosmith’s one of the bands I was heavily influenced by. And Metallica’s doing it, that’s great. Those are two ones that I think gives it some credibility. And they’re doing a Hendrix one, which is great.


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