Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 29, 2008

Rumor – New Nintendo DS To Include Camera And Music Playback

Before I upgraded to an iPhone, there were always three gadgets that went everywhere with me. My cell phone, iPod and Nintendo DS were all essential to day-to-day life. I still know several people that carry around a similar trio of gadgets, however, if the latest rumors are to be believed, you’ll be able to ditch at least one of these.

No, Nintendo isn’t branching out into the world of MP3 players, but rather integrating music playback into their already popular DS. A Japanese economic newspaper is claiming that Nintendo will be releasing a new DS which will include not only music playback, but a camera as well. Surprisingly, the new device would only cost a mere $30 more than the current Nintendo DS Lite.

While we’re still labeling this as a rumor, we do know that Nintendo is hosting simultaneous media briefings in Tokyo and San Francisco this Thursday. If a new DS really is in the works, this is where we’d most likely hear about it.


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